Is it smart to go to school for entrepreneurship?

9 aspiring tycoons tell FSB how the classes they took affected their businesses.

Michael Hanson, 46
The Owner
Michael Hanson, 46
University of St. Thomas
Opus College of Business
Family-business-management course

The best aspect of the family-business management course I took with my son, Andrew Hanson, was hearing other parents discuss their challenges. Business owners are usually leery of exposing their financials and detailing their operations. But this was a safe environment, because we took vows of confidentiality. Throughout the class, I observed my son Andy growing more interested in Hanson Financial (, my firm in Vadnais Heights, Minn. I was an active participant, so I think he learned from my leadership. Andy and I were a little apprehensive about going into business together, but this course helped us identify the strengths that each of us brings. I enjoyed being back in the classroom and sharing a common interest with my son. The semester was as much about building a stronger bond as it was about the future of our business.
- As told to Brandi Stewart

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