Best for social entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs aim to give back to society while running a profit-making venture. These schools have found innovative ways to help students achieve that goal.

Babson College
Babson College
Babson Park, MA
Tuition: N.A.

Why we chose it: Both Babson MBA and undergraduate students can create a concentration in social entrepreneurship by taking specialized electives in addition to their core entrepreneurship courses. They can choose from courses such as Social Enterprise Management and Entrepreneurial Nonprofits, which cover both for-profit and non-profit socially responsible businesses. For MBA candidates, offerings include The Social Entrepreneur and an advanced Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship course, both of which provide a dual focus on the academic study of the discipline and its real world applications.

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Babson College

Columbia University

Cornell University

Duke University

Harvard University

New York University

Stanford University

University of Arizona

University of California, Berkeley

University of Colorado at Boulder

Yale University
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