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Mulligan Stew Pet Food
Kevin Meehan and his lab, Mulligan
Honorable Mention
Mulligan Stew Pet Food
City/State: Jackson, Wyo.
Team members: Kevin Meehan, 49, Diane Peterson, 48 and Gary Trauner, 48
Concept: Healthy pet food isn't a new idea, and there are plenty of manufacturers. But companies such as Mulligan Stew (, which make their products in the U.S., could find themselves in a strong position, in the wake of the recent scandal over tainted pet food imported from China. The founders of Mulligan Stew, who already sell their brand in stores throughout the West, say that ingredients such as cabbage and horseradish, help prevent cell damage that leads to symptoms of aging in pets.The brand is named after Meehan's black lab Mulligan, also fondly referred to as the CEO of the company.

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