Print for less

Printers are the sleeper cells of the small business technology revolution. While laptops, handhelds and mobile thingamabobs get all the hype, the humble printer/scanner/fax machine sitting in your office has quietly undergone a major makeover.

Samsung CLX-3160FN
Samsung CLX-3160FN
Samsung CLX-3160FN
Connecting to a single PC was fast and easy with Samsung's new CLX-3160FN (about $550 retail). You can expect about 15 pages per minute - about average for laser these days. And quality is more than good enough for most businesses that don't sell graphics or design.

But Samsung brought the pain when I tried to install the CLX on my office network via the printer's Ethernet jack. The printer requires an available port on a router or hub and access to several crucial bits of networking information, including domain name servers, local internet addresses, mail server information and access codes to your office router. And you can only change the machine's settings via a Web-based control application that runs from a PC on your local network.




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