Projectors go wireless

New AV gear reduces presentation clutter - but adds new glitches.

As head of Boston Flight Sciences, an aerospace engineering firm, I often present at hotels and convention centers where everything depends on the projector I bring. In principle I like tech that simplifies my life, so I was pleased to review three new wireless LCD projectors.

Epson Powerlite 1715C
Epson Powerlite 1715C

The Epson Powerlite 1715C is a petite unit (3.7 pounds) that comes packed inside its own carrying case along with cables and documentation. Cable operation is a breeze. But wireless connectivity? Not so much. The Epson ships with proprietary wireless software that clashed with my laptop. Once connected, I found that my notebook talked to the projector but could no longer access a Wi-Fi network.

BOTTOM LINE? Use a cable.



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