Holiday tech toys

Jonathan Blum highlights his top 10 gadet picks -- all from small businesses.

Solio Classic Universal Charger
Solio Classic Universal Charger

Without a doubt, the Solio is the best solar-powered portable energy source I have tested. The pear-shaped device is about the size of an old-school analog cell phone and comes from England's Better Energy Corp. The unit fans out three solar panels that can produce enough juice to charge a dead phone to call-readiness in minutes, assuming there is sun. Even better, the unit has minimal green spin to it and genuinely looks cool.


Aiptek GO-HD

Meraki Mini

Cambridge SoundWorks i765

DreamGEAR GameBlaster


Warn PullzAll

AELight 24 Watt HID Powerlight

ESSE 850

Solio Classic Universal Charger