Holiday tech toys

Jonathan Blum highlights his top 10 gadet picks -- all from small businesses.

Cambridge SoundWorks i765
Cambridge SoundWorks i765

While AV monster Bose gets all the desktop audio system love, small-ish North Andover, Mass Cambridge SoundWorks continues to offer excellent AV performance at far cheaper prices. This year I like the SoundWorks i765 all-in-one entertainment system. Usually these desktop do 'em alls are the techno equivalent of the buffet at Caesar's Palace -- lots of food, but ... ? However, the i765 has game. The unit not only has a CD player, radio, and DVD player, but it also has a very nicely done iPod dock. Sound quality is also rounder and fuller than the similar Bose. For the technophobe looking for better media quality, it's tough to beat the i765.


Aiptek GO-HD

Meraki Mini

Cambridge SoundWorks i765

DreamGEAR GameBlaster


Warn PullzAll

AELight 24 Watt HID Powerlight

ESSE 850

Solio Classic Universal Charger