Holiday tech toys

Jonathan Blum highlights his top 10 gadet picks -- all from small businesses.

AELight 24 Watt HID Powerlight
AELight 24 Watt HID Powerlight
Price varies

This ain't no SkyMall Catalogue LED flashlight for the kids. The AELight is a serious optical device. This 2.5-pound, 24-watt, metal halide, high-density discharge lamp tosses off 1,300(!) lumens. That's roughly what one of those lights you see on a movie set puts out. In my brief demo, the thing threw off light to a distance of about 3,000 feet. Now, getting your hands one an AELight is another story. Marc Allsman, who makes the thing in Grants Pass, Oregon, sells mostly to high-end clients like the military, so you will have to work with a registered dealer. And it can be pricey -- like four-figures pricey. But I have never seen a more powerful or rugged flashlight. Period.


Aiptek GO-HD

Meraki Mini

Cambridge SoundWorks i765

DreamGEAR GameBlaster


Warn PullzAll

AELight 24 Watt HID Powerlight

ESSE 850

Solio Classic Universal Charger