Swoosh in style

Some of the biggest names in luxury winter-sports gear belong to small businesses. 'Tis the season to indulge.

Christopher Fischer
Christopher Fischer "Chunky Stitch" scarf

The cashmere fibers used to create the "Chunky Stitch" cashmere-and-wool scarf were gathered from the fleece of Inner Mongolian Kashmir goats and then spun, dyed, and knit by hand. Christopher Fischer, 54, an award-winning New York-based designer, has been featured in Vogue and developed private label cashmere lines for Saks Fifth Avenue and Fila Sport. Fischer started his apparel company in 1979 and set up a knitting factory in Hawick, Scotland, the birthplace of the Scottish cashmere industry. In the early 1990s, Fisher relocated the company's headquarters from London to the U.S., and its manufacturing arm to Asia, as a way to access the world's premium-grade cashmere.

Bogner "Gold Rush" helmet

Black Diamond "Zealot" skis

ThirtyTwo "Prime" boots

Outdoor Research "Zenith" mitts

Dion Snowshoes 121 Sprint

Christopher Fischer "Chunky Stitch" scarf

Indigo sports glasses

Moncler "Eric" jacket
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