Swoosh in style

Some of the biggest names in luxury winter-sports gear belong to small businesses. 'Tis the season to indulge.

Indigo sports glasses
Indigo sports glasses

Gregor Baer, 37, and Thorsten Schwabe, 38, built their first snowboard in 1988 using the wood of an ash tree and the steel edges of a pair of skis. That original board broke in half after its first ride, but it marked the beginning of a line of sports gear that is now carried at New York City's Vivre and other high-end boutiques in Aspen and Vail, Colo. To differentiate their Munich-based brand, Indigo, Baer and Schwabe focus on handcrafting luxury winter-sports equipment. This season's new sports glasses feature a shatterproof interchangeable lens, anti-bacterial foam that absorbs sweat, and 100% UV protection.

Bogner "Gold Rush" helmet

Black Diamond "Zealot" skis

ThirtyTwo "Prime" boots

Outdoor Research "Zenith" mitts

Dion Snowshoes 121 Sprint

Christopher Fischer "Chunky Stitch" scarf

Indigo sports glasses

Moncler "Eric" jacket
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