Advertisers are hoping that celebrities, animals and other gimmicks will attract buzz during Super Bowl XLI.
King Pharmaceuticals
King Pharmaceuticals
Is there a better time to worry about heart attacks than when you're stuffing your face with potato chips and quaffing back one beer after another?

That's what King Pharmaceuticals, the maker of hypertension drug Altace, is hoping. The company is running a 60-second spot just before halftime that features a man dressed as a human heart being preyed upon by evil villains such as high blood pressure.

The ad actually is not for Altace though. So you won't hear all the FDA-mandated language about the drug's side effects. The spot is promoting a new Web site,, an educational site that King has partnered with the American Heart Association to launch. The King Pharmaceuticals logo will appear subtly at the end of the commercial.

"This is an entertaining ad but it has a serious message," said Steve Andrzejewski, the chief commercial officer for King Pharmaceuticals. "The purpose of the ad is to raise awareness for the Web site to any extent possible and educate people that they are at serious risk. This is not toenail fungus. People can die."




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