Advertisers are hoping that celebrities, animals and other gimmicks will attract buzz during Super Bowl XLI.
Nationwide Insurance
Nationwide Insurance
K-Fed! Nationwide ups the ante with the celebrity pitchmen this year by featuring Britney Spears' ex-husband. Last year, Nationwide had a humorous spot with Fabio and before that, the company featured MC Hammer. So Nationwide is cornering the market on "stars" whose fifteen minutes should have been up a long time ago.

But this spot has already created a fair amount of controversy since it features K-Fed living it up as a rapper and ends with him serving fries at a fast food joint. The National Restaurant Association has complained that the ad is an insult to restaurant industry workers.

Steven Schreibman, vice president of advertising and brand management for Nationwide, said the ad is not meant to be demeaning to fast-food workers and wishes people would lighten up. "People, this is just a commercial. We're not making fun of anybody," he said.

Schreibman added that the ad, which already can be viewed on the company's Web site, will remain in rotation for a year. So people should get used to seeing K-Fed flipping burgers. But it makes you wonder who the company might be able to get for next year's Super Bowl spot. Lindsay Lohan anyone?




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Nationwide Insurance



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