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Advertisers are hoping that celebrities, animals and other gimmicks will attract buzz during Super Bowl XLI.
The marketing folks at Doritos took it easy this year. Rather than hire an ad agency to come up with an idea for a Super Bowl spot, the snack maker let the public create the commercial. Doritos ran an online contest looking for Super Bowl spots and let average people film and submit their ideas.

Doritos then let Web users vote for their favorite ad among five finalists. Jason McDonell, the director of marketing for Doritos, said the winning ad will air shortly after kick-off of the Super Bowl and that votes are still being counted. The five finalists will be in Miami for the game and will find out at the same time as the rest of the country which ad was the winner.

The five finalists include a spot featuring an amorous grocery store checkout girl, shown here, a man having a bad dream about Doritos, an accident-prone couple sharing a passion for Doritos, a creative use of duct tape, and a man leaving Doritos as bait in a mouse trap.

The company clearly took a risk by putting its brand message in the hands of the public but McDonnell is confident that the Doritos ad will be well-received, regardless of whom the winner is. "The participation from Doritos fans has been nothing short of amazing and that made this program so satisfying to us," he said.





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