Summer of sequels!

The major Hollywood studios are making big bets on some familiar names. With Spidey, Shrek, Jack Sparrow and Harry all on tap, could this be a record-breaking summer at the box office?

The Simpsons Movie
July 27
The Simpsons Movie
20th Century Fox (NWS)
Fans of the long-running Fox sitcom (me included) have been waiting years for this movie to come out.

There obviously is a lot of pent-up demand for the movie and Fox has the benefit of its Sunday night show, which it can use to promote the heck out of the film during May sweeps.

But will "The Simpsons Movie" be a huge blockbuster or just a cult hit for devotees of the show? The movie, despite some hilarious trailers, doesn't seem to be generating as much buzz as some of this year's sequels. D'oh!

Plus, it could face some tough competition from "Transformers" and "Harry Potter."

Still, who cares? If you're a fan of Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Maggie, Apu, Sideshow Bob, Bumblebee Man, Comic Book Guy, Professor Frink...the list goes on and on...then odds are you won't care what the reviewers say. You'll be at the theater opening night with a box of doughnuts - mmmm, doughnuts - and a can or two of Duff beer.

Spider-Man 3

Shrek the Third

Pirates of the Caribbean

Knocked Up

Ocean's 13

Fantastic Four

Evan Almighty

Live Free or Die Hard



Harry Potter

Chuck and Larry

The Simpsons

The Bourne Ultimatum

Rush Hour 3
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