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Mikimoto-Beans i-Theater Video Glasses
Mikimoto-Beans i-Theater Video Glasses
Price: $300

Outfit the frequent flyers on your list with the Mikimoto-Beans i-Theater Video Glasses, and transform their 32-pitch airplane seat into a full-fledged movie theatre. Fashioned like the optical shield worn by "X-Men" character Cyclops, the video glasses convert a 2.5-inch iPod display into a virtual 50-inch plasma screen. Weighing less than three ounces, the projector goggles have integrated stereo headphones and can also be used with non-iPod video devices.

No more squinting at the hazy screen on the seat back in front of you to watch poorly dubbed airline selections. No more hunching over an iPod screen in bad lighting to catch the latest Grey's Anatomy episode. And no more failed attempts to ignore a seatmate's strange in-flight behavior. A single charge produces enough juice to watch the entire first season of 30 Rock making cross-country and transatlantic flights -- well -- fly by.

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