Energy and the presidential race

Where the leading candidates stand on everything from a gas tax to a carbon cap to drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Mike Huckabee
Mike Huckabee
The up-and-comer's views on energy issues match those of Democrats except that he supports drilling in Alaska.

The former Arkansas governor, who has surged in recent polls, says achieving energy independence would be one of his top priorities.

"We have to explore, we have to conserve, and we have to pursue all avenues of alternative energy: nuclear, wind, solar, hydrogen, clean coal, biodiesel, and biomass," reads a statement on the candidate's Web site.

Huckabee supports proposals in Congress that would boost vehicle gas mileage from 25 miles a gallon to 35 miles a gallon by 2020, require utilities to get 15 percent of their energy from renewable power by 2020 and install a mandatory cap on carbon dioxide emissions, according to the environmental news site

He also supports oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and in offshore U.S. waters, according to Grist.
Last updated January 02 2008: 9:42 AM ET

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