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10 Honeymoon hotspots

There is no better way to cap off a lifetime commitment then with a trip of a lifetime. Here's where to go for the most exceptional - and exotic - experiences.

St Lucia
St Lucia
Even though it's only a three-hour fight from Miami, St. Lucia feels very far away. It's been a trendy destination for a while, but the island has yet to be over run by travelers; in fact, bananas are still a bigger business on the island than tourism and the resorts exploit the serenity of the surroundings.

At the Jade Mountain resort (pictured top), which overlooks the striking twin Piton miuntais and the Caribbean Sea, little bridges take visitors to each of the over $1000-a-night suites. All rooms have just 3 walls, so that each room opens out to its own infinity pool giving guests undisrupted views.

The rooms also have no phones, radio, or TVs but Internet access is available at reception for those that just can't let go completely.

Also nestled in the hillside of St Lucia is the Ladera resort (pictured bottom), which is slightly less expensive than the Jade (rates start at $310) but each of the six villa suites and 21 rooms also has an 'open wall' and its own private pool.

Duane-Meyer recommends booking early: "Right now you can't even get a reservation until August," she said.


Costa Rica & Belize

Turks and Caicos


St Lucia

Bora Bora


New Zealand



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