10 Honeymoon hotspots

There is no better way to cap off a lifetime commitment then with a trip of a lifetime. Here's where to go for the most exceptional - and exotic - experiences.

If countryside and castles are your idea of romance, then Scotland might be a perfect honeymoon destination.

One option is Glenapp Castle (pictured top), overlooking the Irish Sea and the island of Ailsa Craig, which became an exclusive luxury hotel in 2000.

Couples can either enjoy the peace and seclusion of the castle and its gardens or take up croquet, tennis, hunting or salmon and trout fishing. Rooms cost upwards of $600 a night, but include a six-course dinner and full Scottish breakfast (black pudding anyone?).

For those that want to step it up a notch, there is also the exclusive Skibo Castle in the Scottish Highlands (pictured bottom), where Madonna and Guy Richie were wed.

Guests can only stay in one of the 21 bedrooms at Skibo, which has an original marble pool, gym and championship golf course, once in their lifetime. If they wish to return, they must become a member of the Carnegie Club, which is strictly limited and costs $40,000 initially and $9000 annually. Members are welcome to visit Skibo as often as they wish, subject to availability.


Costa Rica & Belize

Turks and Caicos


St Lucia

Bora Bora


New Zealand



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