Euro vacations: Beating the weak dollar

With the greenback at record lows, summer vacation in Europe can be budget-crushing. But there are ways to ease the pain.

Rent a villa
Rent a villa
Staying in a villa or rental house is much cheaper than a hotel stay, especially if you're traveling with a group and don't mind cooking meals at home. Finding a villa has gotten easier as the number of vacation rentals has expanded online. says it has more than 27,000 villas and homes for rent in Europe alone. The most popular destinations for vacation rentals: Tuscany, Italy; Mallorca, Spain; Cote-d' Azur on the French-Riviera; and Provence.

For example, a five bedroom, two bathroom villa with an in-ground pool and air conditioning on the Costa del Sol in Spain is $2,975 a week. (See more at

Rent a villa

Skip Rome

Package it

Take a cruise
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