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5 lush Las Vegas suites

If you're headed for the strip and looking for the ultimate in indulgence, here's where to stay.

Chairman suite at the Venetian
Chairman suite at the Venetian
$15,000 a night

The mosaic tile entryway, trickling fountain and oriental artifacts may make you feel transported to another era, but the room's 27 televisions, karaoke room, beauty salon, spa and gym are all state-of-the-art. Unlike the Hefner suite, this room is more about indulgences than indecencies. Thanks to a private entrance, your own personal butler can materialize at a moment's notice, or the cleaning service can magically appear to wipe down the treadmill once you step off of it. The Canyon Ranch Spa can even have an aesthetician quietly slip inside to administer a facial or collagen injections (not included!). And of course, the hotel staff will go out and fetch any requests for guests of the chairman suite - from a bag or jelly beans to pair of Jimmy Choos - "as long as it is legal."

Presidential suite

Hefner suite

Chairman suite

Hardwood suite

Fairway villa
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