5 Extreme escapes for dad

Dad works hard all year round, so for Father's Day why not treat him to a well-deserved getaway on the greens at Pebble Beach or the dunes of South Africa.

Hunter's hideaway
Hunter's hideaway
$500 a person, for two nights in a suite

If dad loves the thrill of the chase, a great a weekend getaway is LaFonda, a working cattle and hunting ranch located in southwest Texas, near the town of Brackettville. Whether your father is a trophy whitetail hunter, a wing shooting enthusiast or an exotic game hunter, here he can trek into 8,000 acres of brush country with a guide and a string of pointing dogs to track down dove, quail, deer, turkey or exotics like Blackbuck antelope and Mouflon sheep.

Between hunting sessions, guests at the ranch can hone their shooting skills on regulation skeet and rifle ranges, fish in the lake nearby, or just relax and dig into some "Texas gourmet" prepared by the kitchen staff (all of which is included). The ranch also has a full service taxidermist on hand if your dad wants to bring home a trophy - assuming it's OK with mom.

Skip Barber

Pebble Beach


Cape Grace

LaFonda Ranch
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