5 killer outdoor kitchens

When throwing hot dogs on a hibachi just won't do, consider these over-the-top gourmet barbecues.

Calise Outdoor Kitchen
Calise Outdoor Kitchen
Approximately $55,000 to $60,000

You'll never want to cook inside again once you've installed this outdoor kitchen from Calise. Granite counter tops, natural stone finishing and flattering lighting provide a luxury look. But this kitchen is as functional as anything you'll find in a 5-star restaurant. (Well, almost).

There's a three-burner grill made from heavy duty brushed stainless steel, which has double and triple walled construction for extra heat protection. Also within reach is a heavy duty stainless steel rotisserie, high temperature side burner, large stainless sink, refrigerator, icemaker, pull-out trash drawer and plenty of storage. A fire pit table creates an inviting place to hang out and roast marshmallows after a feast.



Cal Flame


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