Coping with Katrina

The Pellissier family tried to rebuild their lives in New Orleans. But the challenge was overwhelming.

Out of options
The Pellissiers (from lower left, Jordan, Jason, Jared, Billie and Mark) outside the flagging business and the trailer they once called home.
Out of options
Mark Pellissier, 44, and his wife Billie, 41, have had enough. This summer they are leaving New Orleans, where both were born and bred, to move - regretfully - to Atlanta.

They're fed up with the molasses-like pace of recovery; even now, they can't get an ordinary phone line installed. And they're anxious about the increase in violent crime and its threat to their three boys, Jason, 16, Jared, 14, and Jordan, 5. Only a few months ago, a shooting occurred right on their block.

According to the Katrina Index, a monthly report monitoring Gulf Coast rebuilding, New Orleans' population has dropped by 51%.
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