The boom areas of America

10 fastest-growing U.S. counties

According to the Census Bureau, these counties are adding more residents than any other.

San Bernardino County, California
San Bernardino County, California
Population: 1,999,332

Increase (July 2005 - July 2006): 34,821

The largest county in terms of area in the United States, San Bernardino encompasses more acreage than the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island combined!

Like its next-door neighbor to the south, Riverside County, the western reaches of San Bernardino County have become bedroom communities for many workers from Los Angeles seeking affordable housing.

Much of the county is still undeveloped and boasts wide areas of mountain and desert wilderness. That includes Death Valley National Park.

Maricopa County, Arizona

Harris County, Texas

Riverside County, California

Clark County, Nevada

Tarrant County, Texas

Bexar County, Texas

Collin County, Texas

Dallas County, Texas

Wake County, North Carolina

San Bernardino County, California
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