Stocks vs. Real Estate

Both real estate and stocks have had their day, but the question you need answered is this: Which contender is the superior long-term bet today?

Round 6
Stocks are the easy winner here. Owning property - even your own house - can be a pain in the neck. Every time you turn around you have to fix, or pay to fix, the havoc wrought by a mechanical or natural disaster.

Some folks may thrill to the drama of termites and broken pipes, but that's a pretty small group. If you consider such events nuisances, you're better off sitting in a plush chair and choosing from a manageable list of big, well-know stocks (see the Sivy 70). Or choosing mutual funds that are run by a professional manager or that track an index.

Performance Leverage Costs Taxes Transparency Effort Volatility Diversification Decision
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