Get your dream deck

How to get the right backyard retreat for your house.

The multi-tasker
The multi-tasker
Like the popular open-plan kitchen/family room inside the house, the deck has become an all-in-one area for cooking, dining, and leisure activities outside.

Though lavishly large, this deck - which starts at ground level and extends out over a sloping backyard - shows how an alfresco layout can seamlessly combine an all-weather kitchen, cafe table and chairs, and built-in seating area.

The design works by clearly defining the function of each of its sections. The semicircular banquette area is the stage for frequent parties - the open-air equivalent of the living room. The large built-in planter does double-duty as a coffee table with a wide rim on which guests can set down drinks.

Opposite this entertainment and lounging zone is a fully stocked outdoor kitchen with grill, rust-resistant stainless countertop, overhead task lights, sink, refrigerator, and cabinets to stow pots, pans, plates, and cutlery.











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