Ford F-150 swings back

In its latest redesign, America's most popular pick-up looks to hold ground against Chevy, Toyota and Dodge.

New Ford F-150
The game
Even though the truck market contracted last year in the face of a struggling economy, making the top-selling pick-up in America means more than just bragging rights for Ford. Trucks are still an important profit center for all three major U.S. car makers.

In the face of a much-improved Chevrolet Silverado and Toyota's new genuinely full-size Tundra, Ford had to get the new F-series right. While keeping the F-series' traditional proportions, Ford says it has thoroughly reworked everything about the new truck

One big change is the addition of a new "Premium" trim level, shown here, that adds luxury touches like an ornate chrome grill and big, shiny wheels.

Last updated January 14 2008: 11:30 AM ET




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