Hyundai's half-price Mercedes

The Korean car maker is targeting Mercedes-Benz E-class customers with a luxury sedan costing as little as $30,000.

Large step up
Hyundai Genesis
Large step up
Korean automaker Hyundai will officially unveil its new Genesis sedan,a large luxury sedan modeled on cars like the Mercedes-Benz E-class and Lexus GS, at the Detroit Auto Show next week.

The car represents a big leap in the U.S. market for Hyundai, a company that was, until recently, known mostly for making inexpensive small cars that competed as cheaper alternatives to entry-level Japanese cars.

Hyundai is trying to move its brand into more expensive territory with each new product introduction. Its mid-size Sonata sedan and the full-size Azera sedan are touted as competing against more expensive Japanese offerings like the Toyota Camry and Avalon.And most recently, the company advertised its new Veracruz mid-size SUV as being easily confused with the far more expensive Lexus RX.

Last updated January 08 2008: 12:32 PM ET

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