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Stanley Bing

The greatest executricksters of all time

Today's BlackBerry-wielding, expense-account impresario may think he's invented the concept of retiring at work. But such executricks have been around as long as people have labored at tasks they'd rather not perform. Following are some of the greats in the pantheon of tricksters.

Yoda, Jedi Knight, Resident of Dagobah
Yoda, Jedi Knight, Resident of Dagobah
Perhaps the most effective Delegator in the pre-history of the universe, Yoda mostly sits at home in his comfortable little swamp, content to send Luke Skywalker out to save the galaxy, effectively demonstrating the executive perception of the proper relationship between management and labor.
Last updated July 24 2008: 3:43 PM ET

Tiberius Caesar


Benjamin Franklin

Queen Victoria

Ulysses S. Grant

Winston Churchill

Dean Martin

Ronald Reagan

Arnold Palmer

William Jefferson Clinton


Stanley O'Neal


ExecutricksThe central question of every hardworking person's career is how to work less hard while still being able to buy an expensive bottle of wine without trembling. The answer is simple: Retire while still working! (more)