CES 2008: Best tech for and by small businesses

LAS VEGAS - The 150,000 nerds that swarmed to Vegas from around the world didn't witness the birth of the next iPhone or similar blockbuster. In the words of FSB tech columnist Jonathan Blum: "In 2008, the tech thing will be sort of like going to Costco: You'll have to be prepared to dig a bit to get the really good stuff." Below, his picks for the best of CES for and by small businesses.

NetGear ReadyNAS Duo
Shared storage
NetGear ReadyNAS Duo
Approx. $500

Call me a corporate wannabe, but I am a big fan of network-attached storage. Blade-mountable outboard hard drives that store data, images and other content are a great way to keep your important work stuff within virtual reach of everyone at the office.

Until now, though, even relatively simple NAS solutions were a bit expensive for the truly small business. NetGear's ReadyNAS Duo is not the ultimate in super-cheap storage quite yet, but it is pretty darn close. The ReadyNAS Duo has slots for bricks of drives and plenty of fancy technologies, including very nice riffs on storage tools usually used in bigger business. The end result is a flexible storage product that can fit right into your small shop.

Last updated January 11 2008: 3:38 PM ET

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NetGear ReadyNAS Duo

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