Busting out of the boutiques

Fashion Week descends on New York City's Bryant Park this week and next. Amid tents filled with those who have already made it, a small band of entrepreneurial designers are claiming lucrative deals. Here are five creative small-business owners who, insiders say, will soon be global brands.

Band of Outsiders
Los Angeles
Band of Outsiders

Scott Sternberg not only designs for his own men's wear label, Band of Outsiders, but also uses it to shelter sprouting sublabels, such as Boy, a collection of women's clothing debuting this month, and the BOO range of men's handmade wool suits.

"I have a collection that started very focused on two key items shirts and ties. Shirts were revenue-driving, and ties were a marketing item," explains Sternberg, 33, a former Holly wood agent at CAA. "The ties are what end up in magazines because you can pair them with an advertiser's suit. And those ties have afforded me the creativity to expand. I built them to afford me a lot of freedom."

Suits now provide 42% of Sternberg's revenue, and both Jason Schwartzman and Beck wear Band of Outsiders' hip and preppy classics.

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Band of Outsiders

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