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Technology: Ultra-Fast Electro Optically Tuned Laser
Location: Bozeman, MT
Amount of grant: $99,774 (Phase I)
From: National Science Foundation
Employees: 21

Last summer, ADvR began work on a laser like no other. It has a tuning element, a so-called electro-optic prism, that allows the laser to readjust rapidly and accurately to different wavelengths. While a conventional laser can be tuned only mechanically, this new technology involves no moving parts and will tune itself entirely by voltages, reducing the likelihood that the laser will malfunction. "If we can make it, it will really allow for a much improved laser," says Tony Roberts, a senior laser physicist with ADvR.

Although the project is still in an early stage of development, the company expects to have a working prototype ready by July - in time to apply for another SBIR grant.

The company was started with SBIR sponsorship back in late 1998, when ADvR was working on a blue laser. Since then the company built on the initial research, dealing chiefly with applications of non-linear optical materials. The current grant has allowed ADvR to expand its research across the board. - Konstantin Shishkin

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Last updated April 11 2008: 4:34 PM ET