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6th place: Better heart monitoring
6th place: Better heart monitoring
Michael McCoy, Matthew Norris and Amir Bastawrous
Team name: HeartSounds

School name: University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Business Administration

Team members: Amir Bastawrous, Michael McCoy, Matthew Norris

Concept: For centuries, physicians have used stethoscopes to eavesdrop on the body's internal sounds. But auscultation, as the procedure is called, is both labor intensive and highly subjective. HeartSounds' patented PATCH system (Passive Auscultation Technology to determine Cardiovascular Health) is designed to provide a more accurate reading of the patient's internal soundscape.

Developed by Dr. Roland Priemer at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the technology detects heart murmurs and specific abnormalities, as well as fetal heart sounds. PATCH also records, transmits, archives and performs diagnostic analysis of internal sound data. The company will initially develop the FetalPATCH, a wireless, digital fetal heart monitor designed to monitor each fetus in a multiple gestation pregnancy.

Timeline: The company plans to start selling the FetalPATCH within about two years. - Emily Maltby

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