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The 5-step guide to tranquility
Charles Alter
Senior consultant, Magnet Client Services
Toledo, Ohio

The best approach I know to get to sleep is the following:

1. Track what routinely wakes you up at night, both personally and professionally. Write these down in a journal.

2. Commit to evaluate, rank and act on the most important of these. A personal or business coach is very helpful during this step.

3. Personally participate in managing the action and monitoring progress on these priorities using Deming's Plan, Do, Check, Adjust (PDCA) approach.

4. Now, when these things still wake you up, envision putting the problem or challenge in a box, closing the lid, and burying it.

5. Practice meditation, concentrating on the out-breath only. Let your mind wander, but focus on the out breath.

Next thing you know, it's morning and you've had a restful sleep.

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LAST UPDATE: Aug 25 2008 | 10:47 AM ET
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