10 All-star villas

Even the very finest hotels can't offer the kind of peace and quiet we crave. For isolation that is truly sublime, try these standout properties from around the world.

El Navio, Spain
El Navio, Spain
With its sleek white façade, multi-layered decks and funnel-shaped chimneys, this modernist hilltop retreat in Cádiz evokes the prow of an ocean liner jutting over the sea.

Stunning vistas abound; from the huge wall of floor-to-ceiling glass, the expansive patios, and the windows in all five bedrooms, guests can look out over the coast and the rooftops of the nearby village of Zahara de los Atunes.

Two pools (one indoor, one outdoor), a pair of hot tubs, and a small gym insure that both fitness freaks and serial loungers get their fix.

Pricing: From $11,000/week.

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Last updated February 07 2008: 7:47 PM ET

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