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Super Bowl ads you can't refuse

Audi pays homage to 'The Godfather,' Bud has a dog and pony show and Go Daddy gets racy (again). Here are the Super Bowl ads you'll be talking about on Monday.

Anheuser-Busch is regularly the largest buyer of Super Bowl spots and usually ranks well in the post-game polls. This year, the Bud brewer has purchased six 30-second spots that will be dedicated to Bud Light and one 60-second spot for good old Budweiser.

The 60-second spot tells the tale of a discouraged horse that doesn't make the cut for the brewer's trademark team of Clydesdales. But a spunky Dalmatian, another familiar Budweiser character, helps the horse stage a Rocky-esque comeback.

In one 30-second spot, three cavemen struggle to move a Stone Age ice chest filled with Bud Light and bicker in caveman talk. Another caveman appears with a gigantic stone wheel. What happens next? Well, the dawn of civilization comes another day.

Other ads Anheuser-Busch has in store will feature x-ray vision, fire breathing, wine & cheese and comedian Carlos Mencia.

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