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Create good jobs
Create good jobs
Rodney DeLeon, 39, computer programmer, Hagerstown, Md.

In the short term, the new administration should:

  • Stop or delay massive and runaway job cuts. Directly generate more local jobs - soon. Most [people who are] still working are anticipating layoffs, which may include them. They spend less because of this. Those who are jobless cannot pay the bills. This then worsens the economic cycle.

    There are some companies that had declining profits - but no net loss. At this time they shouldn't shed jobs easily just to make their financial statements look good.

    In the long term, the administration should:

  • Generate jobs with good pay that promote stability and security. Minimize the unemployment rate. One way jobs may be generated is for the government to offer attractive incentives to companies willing to expand their operations/production, and thus hire more people.

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