Money and Main Street
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Jessica Carnevale - Longer waits

The 27-year-old hairdresser lives in Woonsocket and is planning a wedding for Oct. 10, 2010. Her income is down 30%.

It definitely has been slower. You see people going longer...having their haircuts every 10 weeks instead of eight, having their hair color every six weeks instead of four.

We work on commission. If I'm not seeing my clients on a regular basis, then I'm losing money. I base my mortgage payment and all my bills on my clients. It's becoming harder to keep up with everything. If they wait longer, then I have to wait longer.

On her wedding: It's my day. It's my dream. I will make it work. Come hell or high water, it's going to be exactly what I want. Some of the venues are cutting back their prices. It's in my benefit right now. I'm going to take advantage of that now and lock in my prices.

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