Money and Main Street
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Jovel Nuñez - Smaller tips

Nuñez, 21, works as a valet while studying at Johnson & Wales University in Providence.

Over the summer, I was making $150 every three or four days. I got between $3 and $5 a car, usually $5.

As time progressed, it started getting a lot worse. Tips started getting a lot lower -- $2, $1, sometimes I don't even get tipped at all. It's kind of rough times, especially right now.

Right now, the economy is really bad. People are losing jobs left and right and I guess they don't feel that someone going to get their car is really worth that much of a tip. I can understand that, but sometimes I'm out here in the pouring rain, trying to make some money like everyone else. Now, [I make] maybe between $80-$90.

When it's really cold, sometimes we get more tips. But sometimes people think he's just running around the block to get a car. It's not worth $5.

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