Money and Main Street

Cutting corners, making ends meet

Taxi driver. Small business owner. Hairdresser. Cashier. Meet the people of Rhode Island and hear their stories. The economy hurts, but they are coping.

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Alberto Pujols - Losing a home

Pujols, 36, is facing eviction from his rental apartment because his landlord is in foreclosure. The unemployed Providence resident is training to be a school bus driver.

I haven't done anything wrong. I've been paying the rent. I'm willing to pay the rent, no matter who is the owner. I have four kids.

I'm not ready to move. It's very hard to move with little kids in the winter. It's very difficult.

No matter how much money you are getting, everything is gone. Everything is too expensive. Heating gas is too expensive. Electricity is too expensive. Food is very expensive.

You make the same money, but you are paying more and more and more. Everything is going up.

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