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#1. Goldman Sachs
Needing a lawyer for God's work.
Life at Goldman Sachs has gotten more complicated since regulators sued the company in April for defrauding investors in a bubble-era housing debt deal.

Goldman insists it's blameless, but the SEC action has spurred a race to the courthouse among those who lost money in other bubble-era deals as well. That's not all: The company has been accused of stonewalling crisis investigators too.

The fact that Goldman Sachs is once again raking in huge profits -- it earned $3.3 billion in the first quarter alone -- probably doesn't sit well with consumers either.

Recalling happier days, shareholders are circling the wagons around embattled chief Lloyd Blankfein (right), who put his foot in his mouth after saying, reportedly in jest, that bankers were doing God's work. Goldman investors and employees must know the slings and arrows have only just begun.

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