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Wrangler sticks with Favre
Wrangler sticks with Favre

Although the year has ended well for Brett Favre, with positive media attention heralding the end of his epic streak of 297 consecutive starts, it's the silver lining in what was a tough 2010. On October 8, Deadspin posted audio and pictures alleging that Favre sent sexual text messages to a former Jets employee. The NFL is still investigating the issue today, though it's indicated that it is close to a decision.

Meanwhile, there is a sponsorship story to be considered. VF Corp.'s Wrangler, the jeans maker that began an endorsement deal with Favre back in 1998, has yet to stop running its Favre TV spots. This even after media criticism and a ruthless SNL parody on October 23 (the show depicted Favre bragging that the jeans are conveniently fly-free). Fortune's sources recently estimated for us that the endorsement deal is only worth just over a million dollars a year to Favre, but it's anyone's guess as to what kind of damage the image problem might cause to Wrangler.

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Last updated December 22 2010: 1:21 PM ET
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