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Way cool budgeting tools
Way cool budgeting tools
Company: Bundle
Location: New York City
Founded: September 2010

True to its name, Bundle pulls accounts from your various financial institutions and bundles them together in one place, showing you exactly how much money you are saving and spending.

The site displays the information in animated bubbles, and compares your spending habits with others from your community and demographic. You can see how much you spend on fancy dinners out compared to your neighbors -- and how much more you're paying for groceries than the average person in your same income bracket.

Bundle can then propose a more cost-effective budget for you, and show you cheaper alternatives to your current expenses.

One standout feature: Unlike other budgeting tools, Bundle lets you adjust on the fly. If you realize halfway through the month that you're not going to spend all the money you budgeted for clothes but you need a little extra money for groceries, you can reallocate that money to another category without having to do the calculations in your head.

Launched in September, Bundle is already reeling in around 300,000 visitors per month.

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Last updated October 13 2010: 7:19 PM ET
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