Make Money in 2011: Your goals

The past three years have been tough on everyone's bottom lines. Here is how CNNMoney readers are planning to get ahead in 2011.

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Goal: Buy a 3-bedroom home in Manhattan
Goal: Buy a 3-bedroom home in Manhattan
Dan Nainan
Who: Dan Nainan, 29
Where: New York City
Job: Comedian

Dan Nainan already owns a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, but in 2011 he would like to trade up.

"I just would like to have a little more space, put in a music studio and have a place for guests," he says. "I sense that there's a bottom to the market and it sounds like it will come back. So I think 2011 will be a great year to buy."

Of course, a three-bedroom in Manhattan will sell for more than $1 million. So how does a comedian -- even one with an Apple commercial to his credit -- come by that kind of cash?

"I'm not your typical comedian who lives paycheck to paycheck and blows all their money on marijuana and partying. I've been saving like crazy and investing in Apple stock," he says.

Plus, he adds, his dad is Indian and his mom is Japanese. "These are two of the most frugal cultures you can imagine. They are both immigrants from abject poverty, and they instilled in me a sense of enjoying life but definitely being frugal."

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