The door question
The door question
Price: $17,300
Engine: 1.6-liter 4-cylinder
Mileage: 28 City, 40 Hwy

Besides speed, one of my biggest questions about the Veloster was "What happened to fourth door?

The Veloster has only three doors, although all of them open the regular way, with the hinge in the front. (Some cars have one tiny rear-hinged door in the back.) So, if Hyundai can fit two regular doors on the right side of the car, it seemed strange, to me, to have only one on the left.

The only reason, I was told by a Hyundai executive, was to maintain that cool two-door look for the driver as he approached the car to get in. Seems like a big inconvenience for a visual trick, but there you go.

Inside, the backseats themselves are adequately comfortable. I whacked my head getting in there but I assume regular occupants would only need to learn that lesson once.

Last updated October 21 2011: 1:59 PM ET
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