France Telecom

The nation's main telecommunications company, France Telecom is also a major player on the global stage.

France Telecom ( FTE ) operates in Spain and Poland and has been expanding its presence in Africa and the Middle East. The company has nearly 216 million customers worldwide and reported sales of more than $63 billion last year.

In addition to fixed line and wireless phone services, France Telecom provides mobile and broadband Internet connections under its Orange brand. Its Orange Business Services is a major provider of telecom services for international businesses.

France Telecom is also developing online television services in France.

The company is facing some competition in the domestic market from new provider Iliad, said Morningstar's Allan Nichols. But the stock is "quite cheap" and with a dividend yield near 9%, he says the France Telecom is a winner over the long term.

Last updated July 01 2011: 1:38 PM ET
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