#2 AIG
Ticker: AIG
YTD performance: -42%
Market cap: $53 billion

AIG's (AIG) stock remains under pressure, even though the government has began to unwind its position in the big insurer.

Shares took a big slide earlier this year after AIG issued 75 million 10-year warrants to its non-government shareholders to buy AIG shares for $45 a pop. While the step brought AIG one step closer toward ending its dependence on the U.S. government, it also brought the company's share price down 15% in a single trading session.

The stock also fell last month after AIG sold 100 million shares and the U.S. government unloaded 200 million of its shares of the company -- a total of about $8.7 billion in AIG stock.

While the stock sale was highly anticipated, the government still holds a 77% stake in AIG, and it will take awhile to whittle down the remaining 1.5 billion shares it owns.

All data current as of June 17, 2011.
Last updated June 29 2011: 8:51 PM ET
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