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Land mine removal
Land mine removal
Each year some 4,000 people worldwide are maimed or killed by stepping on unexploded land mines or cluster bombs left over from previous conflicts.

While the United States stopped making land mines back in the 1990s, it is still a top exporter of cluster bombs.

The country is also the largest donor to projects that attempt to find and remove these deadly weapons. It funnels some $80 million to $100 million a year toward the cause, according to Zach Hudson, director of the U.S. Campaign to Ban Landmines and Cluster Bombs.

The budget deal cuts funding to the State Department program that oversees land mine removal by $14 million a year.

The program also funds anti-terrorism and non-proliferation efforts oversees. It's not clear if the $14 million in cuts will come out of the land mine program's budget. If they do, Hudson said it would be "detrimental."

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Last updated April 15 2011: 7:23 AM ET
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