The Boston Consulting Group
The Boston Consulting Group

Top MBA Employers rank: 5
% of MBAs who want to work there: 12.09%
Headquarters: Boston, Mass.

What makes it so great?
"I was particularly interested in social impact work at BCG. That stood out as something that was very critical here. It wasn't one particular project but that I could come in and make a career out of social impact work and education specifically. The work that I did on the Chicago public schools, a local non-profit called After School Matters and the Chicago Urban League has been very meaningful. For me, it was more about my own personal experiences. I grew up in a neighborhood with an under-performing school. I spent two hours going to school and two hours coming home every day. Realizing the impact that had on my life -- it was important to give back and try to make a difference. It is challenging work, but the amount of learning and growth is unparalleled."
-- Natasha McAnuff, 2009 graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business

Getting hired:
MBAs typically start at BCG as consultants after graduation but the career path at the consulting firm extends to project leader, later a principal, and, ultimately, partner.

Last updated September 28 2011: 2:26 PM ET
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