Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley

Top MBA Employers rank: 15
% of MBAs who want to work there: 6.62%
Headquarters: New York

What makes it so great?
"I interned in the investment banking division at Morgan Stanley and had a really fantastic experience. I didn't interview anywhere else and accepted the offer to come back full-time. I was obviously impressed with the franchise and the opportunities for mobility. You're continually learning new things so it keeps it interesting and exciting. I specifically focus on companies that are looking to sell or buy different business. I work on 3-5 projects at any given time -- often very large deals and very important deals that you read about on the front page. Being a woman here, I've also found a really great women's support network. We get together every month and it's given me lots of examples of how women have built successful careers here while building a family. There are several people here that I look up to as role models and would like to emulate the careers that they've had. I could see myself staying here long term."
-- Jacqueline Purcell, 2009 graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business

Getting hired:
Most of the MBAs that Morgan Stanley hires for full-time positions are plucked from its 10-week summer internship program as Purcell was; many are graduates of the top tier schools.

Last updated September 28 2011: 2:26 PM ET
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